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What is BCST?


Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle and profound, non-invasive, hands-on treatment for the whole body.  Performed on a massage table, the client is fully clothed and the touch is generally light and still.  Treatments are focused on supporting the health of the whole being, with focus on the autonomic nervous system. This system organizes the entire body’s communication network, by rapidly exchanging sense information over intravenous nerve pathways.

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapists understand how an optimally functioning healthy nervous system performs.  We are trained to use acute perception and listening skills to piece together subtle physiological movements in a living system, a skill known as “body matrix perception”.  Awareness is placed on the magnetic map that underlies one‘s potent life force, with less emphasis on symptomatology. 

We believe that health is never lost no matter the ailment.  Identifying parts of the nervous system that are functioning sub-optimally with attention towards “deep listening”, we can assist the body system in bringing itself back into balance, decreasing superficial symptoms.

Our Team


Shaun Bernhardt

Shaun is a BCST student who will be fully licensed; late March. His background includes a morning practice in Mysore Yoga and Sitting Meditation. With over 5 years of sitting practice, Shaun brings tremendous potency to each client, fueled with a desire to see the world in resonance as a single fluid system. He specializes in Head Trauma and Stress Release Therapy.




It is recommended to receive between 5-10 sessions in order to deeply experience the healing benefits of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy. At Cranial Balance SF, we work holistically through each client’s recovery.

Areas of Focus:

  • Stress Reduction

  • Cranial Unwinding

  • TMJ Alignment

  • Musculoskeletal Injuries

  • Digestive Disorders

  • Trauma Resolution

BCST works through establishing balance between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. Together these systems control 95% of your nerve and organ responses with ganglia located in and throughout the spinal column.

Once a parasympathetic state is reached, the body can begin to unwind itself, recognizing greater amounts of sensation, feeling, and emotion. Fluid transference is increased, tissue inflammation is reduced, and greater amounts of CSF can travel to the brain and lower sacrum. Outcomes include reduced stress and pain, deeper sleep, increased calm and ease, increased emotional clarity and greater mental focus. Full body balance can be achieved.


*Initial Intake sessions include a full health history discussion and can last up to 90 minutes.

*Subsequent sessions last up to 60 minutes.

*All Student-Given sessions are $20.

Initial Intake Session - $130

One Session - $108

Five Sessions - $459

Nine Sessions - $777



The team at Cranial Balance have dramatically reduced my recovery time. I thought it would be years and has only been months. I recommend CST to anyone who needs to put themselves back together again from the embryonic beginnings of life through adulthood. I am continually amazed at what transpires in the Breath of Life.



Shaun is a healing presence who fosters the stillness I feel while on the table. This is a state not always easy for me to achieve on my own. I always feel warmth and reassuring support. During the craniosacral treatment, I often will have a dreamy experience of images and colors. This temporary respite from the world gives me personal insights and makes me feel more open and aware. When I leave the studio, I always feel refreshed and lighter emotionally. I am a more calm and accepting person throughout the day.

~Jon S.

Shaun has shifted my concussion symptoms and helped me get my focus back. I am excited to continue experiencing the cranial wave.

~Judy Ambrose